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Advance Tips

  • Will KAM completely manage my account, while I don't have to worry about anything and I can just sit back and relax?

    No. Your KAM will provide you consultancy. He will be a helping hand and your mentor. But you ought to give some time and login your account on a daily basis and keep your activity level high.
  • Will my KAM be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for me?

    Your KAM is not Artificial Intelligence or Bot (Web Robot) who are programmed systems who cannot understand your feelings. He is an expert, and much better than any artificial help. He can identify and match your buyer's needs and requirements. But being a living entity, he have certain limitations, he cannot be available at odd timings. However he is with your reach and you can always seek consultancy through emails etc, and he will get back to you as soon as he can.
  • Can my KAM provide me content and training material to guide me to post products and use my account effectively?

    The goal of your KAM is to make self sufficient without any props and to be able to resolve your issues and your problems effectively. For this purpose he will provide you user friendly contents and he will also be there to guide you in-case there is any ambiguity.
  • What is E-consultancy?

    When your KAM proactively provides you inquiries.
  • Will my KAM be my Industry Expert?

    Your KAM would be your Trading Expert. He will advise you about the best trading options available. With the trading expertise of your KAM, combined with the Industry expertise of your staff, it can be a major turning point for your business.
  • Will I get keen attention?

    Part of its answer is in question 2.
  • Will my KAM provide me Live Buyer Connectivity? Will my KAM close business deals on my behalf?

    Yes, he can provide you live buyer's connectivity in conference calls and chats, but it varies from case to case and situation to situation. KAM encourage connecting with your buyers by yourself to become increasingly self sufficient, however if he can feel that the issue is critical and it requires his assistance. He can intervene. But it still varies from case to case.
  • Will my KAM post my products?

    No, your KAM will provide you a user friendly manual, by which you can post products by following the step by step instruction. If there is any confusion, ALWAYS feel free to contact your KAM
  • Who will select the keyword?

    Your KAM knows and understands which keywords are suitable for you, for your industry and products. He would be in contact with the SEO department, and select the appropriate keywords.
  • Will the KAM verify my buyers are genuine?

    You can always seek advice from your KAM for the buyer's authenticity. However you need to take precautionary steps. Any fraud or mishap is solely the responsibility of the supplier. KAM or Tradekey shall not bear any responsibility.
  • Language Barrier with my buyer, can my KAM help?

    In that case you need to consult your KAM. If your KAM is not proficient in the buyers’ language, he can use some online tools to communicate effectively with your buyer through messengers etc, if the time zone matches with his duty timings. He can also guide you and, and identify those tools that you can use to communicate with your buyers and remove language barrier.
  • If I purchase your SEM package, will my KAM send me any report and update me?

    Yes, your KAM will send you click reports and the results generated, your buyers and visitors time spent on your landing page. In this way you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses, identify threats and utilize your opportunities to the maximum.
  • What is Quick Access?

    Quick Access provides shortcuts, where you can go to your desired web page directly. Following shortcuts can be accessed through this quick access option:
  • How to contact customer manager?

    Our Customer Care is there to resolve your queries and concerns. Just leave your query on managercustomercare@tradekey.com and we will get back to you soon.
  • What other mediums can be used to contact customer care manager?

    Get connected with your account manager through MSN, Mobile No, and Email. Also send new Ticket and also check its History.
    Check Ticket's History

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