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Company's Profile

Company's Profile depicts the company's entire information, your business opportunities and your satisfied customers.

  • Why post company profile?

    Company profile is one of the key elements to show your online credibility and worth to find long-term trading partners. It shows your online presence to the Traders and Importers from all around the globe. By posting a complete and compelling company profile you allow the buyers to easily search and find you in on Tradekey.com
  • What if my Target Market is Asia, Africa, Europe & Middle-East but not North America and South-America, is it advisable to place a check on worldwide?

    No. You need to filter your information and only place check on those regions that are your Target Markets. You only need to place check on worldwide if your target market is all over the world.
  • What if I only require inquiries from just one or few countries from same or different regions/continents?

    In that case mention only country names separated by commas for more specific results
  • What if my Target Market is Saudi Arabia, I can understand I have to type Saudi Arabia in Other Markets tab, but do I need to put check on Middle-East as well?

    No. In that case just mention your name of target Market in the other market tab.
  • Should I include my commission agents as my company employees?

    No. Only mention those employees quantity that work directly for your company and are your regular employees.
  • Is it desirable to mention my company website?

    Yes. If you have a company website, it is recommended to mention to enhance your image and provide further information of your company. It is essential that you the information in your profile (contact details, no of employees etc) should match the information in your company website.
  • Is it feasible to add selected categories or select categories manually?

    By entering specific keyword in the search bar, categories related to search open up. You can check one or more check boxes. However you are unsure and you cannot find your category and for in-depth category information you can always select category manually.
  • What company information I need to provide and in which order of priority?

    You need to provide the following details
    • Name
    • Mobile no
    • Phone No with ext
    • Email address
    • Messengers id (MSN, Skype, QQ etc)
    • Fax no
  • Whose Contact number should be mentioned?

    You have to ensure that in this fast moving digital age, buyers are in urgency , they also have many options available ( they can contact many suppliers ) so it is imperative that you provide the contact information of only those of your staff who can handle phone calls effectively.
  • Can you please elaborate about the contact information of those staff who can handle phone calls effectively?

    Well, as Tradekey.com is an effective medium to connect with buyers all over the world. You need to keep the following steps into account
    • Mention time (international time) where you sales staff can handle phone calls next to phone no's. If buyer tries to contact your mentioned number and no one avail the phone call, it gives an adverse effect and there is a good chance that the buyer will never call again.
    • There could be language barrier, so mention only those staff members name and contact details who can effectively cater phone calls in different languages as per time zones.
    • If for instance no staff is available at certain odd timings, apologies and request to send email and mention you would be replied soon.
    • Ensure that you provide country code, area code and city code with phone no's
  • What if I have many branches?

    In case you have many branches you need to provide complete address, with phone numbers and fax numbers and email address of key person

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