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Selling Page

Through Selling Page you can manage and add your products and Sell Offers.

  • Why Post product?

    To display your products variety, and increase the opportunity to attain genuine inquiries from buyers
  • How to Post products?

    • Sign in at Tradekey.com
    • Go to Member's Area > Selling
    • Click on Add New Product
    Add New Product
  • What do you mean by Product Optimization?

    Product optimization aids the product to be more attractive, searchable and easy to find by importers, buyers and traders.
  • How many ways can I post products? (Manual, batch, import)

    There are 3 ways you can post your products. Manual Posting, Batch upload (suitable for Unlimited Products) and Import products from your other profiles
  • Why is it important to select exact Product category?

    The Importance of selecting relevant and exact category has always been significant when it comes to inquiry relevancy. Relevant category selection minimizes spam and junk messages and allows the member to receive appropriate inquiries.
  • What should I keep in mind while filling in product name?

    You need to be very selective and appropriate in case of choosing the product Title/Name. Select the combination of (generic + specific keywords) to make it easily searchable for buyers.
  • What do you mean by keywords?

    Keywords are the phrases to find your products by different names. They help create search listings of your products. Select relevant and generic keywords to make your product searchable.
  • How you select best keywords?

    You can select the most appropriate keywords that suit your products specification and description. Overall select the best keywords that define your products entirely.
  • What is Google Keyword tool?

    It's a keyword suggestion tool which helps you find keywords and alternate keywords of your products, it can also show you the monthly searches and global searches performed of any particular keyword.
  • What is the difference between listing description and detailed description?

    Listing description is a brief introduction about your product. Whereas, detailed description presents an overall information about your product in details (i.e. Material, Specification, Packaging, etc)
  • Where is the listing description shown on TradeKey?

    Listing description is shown on search results
  • Where is the detailed description shown on Tradekey?

    Detailed description is shown on Product page (After clicking on a certain product)
  • What should be the maximum file size of brochure?

    The maximum file size of a brochure is 10MB
  • What should be the maximum file size of picture?

    Max 1000k, in JPG or GIF format
  • How many kinds of product videos are there?

    Product Introduction, specification, usage and Product assembly line
  • What should I show in product video?

    It is recommended to showcase your original product in the video & highlight the following aspect of the products.
    • Product working demo
    • Product Features
    • Product Specification
  • How important is packaging details?

    Packaging details are as per buyer's requirement. How he wish to receive his product. Some packing products require special packaging, so the products don't get deteriorated and lose its essence, its freshness, taste, aroma and other constituents
  • What does FOB means?

    FOB stands for Freight on Board or Free on Board. FOB (shipping). FOB specifies which party (buyer or seller) pays for which shipment and loading costs, and/or where responsibility for the goods is transferred.
  • What does MOQ means?

    Minimum Order Quantities, simply as it says, you have to buy X number of these.
  • What is T/T?

    T/T means telegraphic transfer, or simply wire transfer. It's the simplest and easiest payment method to use. T/T payment in advance is usually used when the sample and small quantity shipments are transported by air.
  • What is L/C?

    A letter issued by a bank authorizing the bearer to draw a stated amount of money from the issuing bank, its branches, or other associated banks or agencies.
  • What is D/A?

    Shipping documents held by the buyer's bank until the buyer has accepted (signed) the draft
  • What is D/P?

    It Stands for Document against payment. A terms of payment arrangement in which an exporter entrusts the ownership documents of an asset of his/her bank , which then presents them to an importer only after the bank has received payment for the asset. Essentially, the bank holds hostage the ownership documents, which the importer needs to take possession of the merchandise, until the bank, and, by extension, the exporter, are paid. A risk for the exporter is the possibility that the importer will refuse to pay, and, while he/she will not be able to take possession of the merchandise, the exporter has little legal recourse. The terms of this agreement are set between the importer and exporter at the time of the sale.
  • What is western union?

    Western Union's website, westernunion.com, allows users to send and receive funds to others, pay bills, or purchase gift card. In order to send funds, a sender goes to a Western Union office and presents funds (plus fees) for "Next Day" or "Money in Minutes" service. A sender provides his or her name and address, the recipient's name, and a designated payment destination. Western Union then provides the sender a 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) that must be transmitted separately by the sender to the recipient. The recipient then proceeds to a Western Union agent office in the designated payment location, presents the 10-digit MTCN and a photo ID. Money is then paid out to the recipient. If a recipient lacks identification documents, the sender and receiver can set up a pre-arranged password. Funds are paid out in cash, although if payment exceeds a local maximum or cash on hand, a check is issued. Alternatively, a sender may forward funds online to a recipient by using Western Union's online site, westernunion.com.
  • What is Money Gram?

    Global money transfer service allows consumers to send and receive money worldwide, primarily through a global network of third-party agents that use our money transfer systems. In addition to person-to-person (also known as cash-to-cash), customers have alternatives in money transfer delivery channels such as direct-to-account, ATMs and kiosks for deposit and cash receive, cash-to-a mobile phone and cash-to-card. Money Gram Bill Payments Services allow consumers to make urgent payments or pay routine bills to certain creditors
  • What is PayPal?

    PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. A PayPal account can be funded with an electronic debit from a bank account or by a credit card. The recipient of a PayPal transfer can request a check from PayPal, establish their own PayPal deposit account or request a transfer to their bank account.

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