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Sub Accounts

Sub Account is an effective Management tool, whereas Parent Account you can delegate tasks, while keeping an eye on the Sub Account activities, assigning rights and responsibilities.

  • Will I get multiple ids and passwords for my sub accounts?

    Yes you will receive multiple ids and passwords for your sub accounts.
  • Being a parent account owner, can I delegate authority to one of my sub accounts to delete or disable any other account?

    No Sub accounts cannot delete, modify or disable any account. There is no option in "user access rights" to grant delete, modify or disable right to any other account.
  • What if Parent account deletes any account, can he create another account?

    Parent Account can delete & create a new sub account as per his requirement. However Parent account will have to resign all of the products to new sub account manually.
  • Can you guide me step by step, how I can create sub accounts?

    • Step 1: Go to Tradekey.com Members area
    • Step 2: In the Top Bar, you will find Trade tools, click on it.
    • Step 3: On the vertical column on the left hand side you will find Manage Sub Accounts, click on it, then there is Manage Sub Accounts option.
    • Step 4: After you click on Manage Sub Accounts, click on Add New Sub Accounts.
    • Step 5: Now you can create 5 sub accounts with limited rights feature.
    • Step 6: After you click on Add New Sub Account, you provide user name and password for all accounts
    • Step 7: In the user right section place check in the check boxes, the specific right you wish to assign to each user account.
    • Final Step: Once the sub accounts are created, being Parent account holder you can effectively monitor all activities of your sub accounts.
  • Can you please elaborate what I can monitor?

    You can monitor last login date & time, what sort of activities performed etc.
  • If my master account name is Manager provide sales1, sales2, sales3, sales4 and sales5 as sub account user name, what would be the user name generated?

    The user names generated would be sales1-Manager, sales2-Manager, sales3-Manager, sales4-Manager, and sales5-Manager.
  • Shall I change my sub accounts user name and passwords frequently?

    Yes. For you own information security it is advisable that you change frequently. To change passwords click on edit sub account at Action field and change password.

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