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Trade Tools

Trade tools enable you to effectively maximize your business opportunities by providing online tools to increase and manage your online presence.

  • What are Trade Alerts?

    Trade alerts are email alerts to notify you about the activities being done by buyers and suppliers on Tradekey.com. Post Trade Alerts
  • How to post Trade Alerts?

    • Sign in at Tradekey.com
    • Go to Member's Area > Trade Tools
    • Click on Add New Trade Alert
    Post Trade Alerts
  • I am a seller, will Trade Alerts help me?

    As a seller Trade alerts will help you notify about new buy offers being posted on Tradekey.com.
  • I am a buyer, will trade alerts help me?

    As a buyer Trade alerts will help you notify about new Products and Company Profile being posted on Tradekey.com.
  • What is Trade Alert Content group?

    Trade alert content groups are options available for you to choose your desired activities and the alerts you want to receive about those activities in your email inbox (e.g. Buyer offer, Products, Company Profile)
  • Can I edit my trade Alerts once I have set them?

    You can manage/edit your trade alerts in case of necessary amendments. You can delete the Trade alerts one by one or by selecting them all at once. You can edit trade alerts just by clicking on the keyword you provided, (e.g. Led TV).After you click, you can edit your Trade alert by going below the page. You will see EDIT TRADE ALERT Just below the DELETE and NEW ALERT Button .Amend the changes as per your desire and click on continue to follow the same steps. Edit Trade Alerts
  • What should be the file format of the Brochure?

    You can post your brochure in PDF format on Tradekey.com
  • Is the content within the Brochure "readable" when a brochure is search at Tradekey?

    Yes, all the content written within your brochure will be crawled when a brochure is searched on Tradekey.com, so make as comprehensive brochure as you can to ensure maximum exposure and conversion rate.
  • What information should a brochure consist?

    Your Company brochure should consist:
    • Company Information (History and accomplishment)
    • Pictures of the facility
    • Complete Product listing
    • Detailed product information (Value proposition)
    • Contact details
  • What should be the file size of the brochure?

    The maximum file size of a brochure is 10MB each
  • Do I need a premium membership on Tradekey.com to post a brochure?

    No, Free members can also post Brochures on Tradekey.com
  • How to post a Brochure?

    • Sign in on Tradekey.com and click on Member's Area on homepage.
    • From the Main Menu on the top of Member's Area page, select Trade Tools
    • Select Add Company Brochure from Side Bar to upload a brochure.
    • Your brochure will be online within 3 days after being reviewed by Tradekey.
    Add New Brochure
  • Can I change the brochure if my products change?

    Yes, Tradekey allowed you to remove brochure and edit Title and details of your brochure. Just go to Members Area>Trade Tools>Brochures>Manage Brochure
  • How important are pictures in the brochure?

    Picture speaks a thousand words Pictures add credibility and increase reader's engagement in the brochure, so add as many relevant pictures as possible.
  • How many Brochures can I post?

    • You can post 5 brochures on products.
    • You can post 5 brochures on company profile.
  • Should I make one big brochure or several small ones?

    You should have both! One big brochure will be suitable for buyers who are confused or don't have very specific requirements. Remember all online buyers are comparison shoppers and they like to get as much information as possible about your product range. However you will also come across buyers who have very specific requirements, for them you should have a smaller product specific brochure to increase conversion rate.
  • How can Tradekey Help us in Brochure development?

    No, Tradekey doesn't help you in content development however if you are a Goldkey Member, Tradekey will assist in brochure posting and ensure faster review of your brochures.
  • Should I include Price of the product in the Brochure?

    If the prices of your product are relatively constant or you are selling consumer products then it is advisable include prices of the products in the brochure as well. However, if the prices are volatile than it would be hassle for you to edit the brochure on regular basis.
  • I'm a trader not a manufacturer, should I also make a brochure?

    Yes, you should still develop a brochure if you are dealing in a specific product category. It enhances your credibility.
  • How much will a professionally developed brochure cost?

    Template based brochure can be developed by professionals for as low as $20 and goes up to $100 depending upon the design and length. However if you opt for a customized brochure it can set you back $200 onwards.
  • What is Quotation Builder?

    Quotation Builder is a Tool through which you can build a quotation for each of your product with price lists. To automatically reply with pre-defined quotation each time a buyer sends inquiry to your sell offer or product or profile you can set these quotations as an auto reply too. Post Quotation
  • How can I import the previous Quotation?

    Select any previously made/Saved quotation against any offer on Add Auto Quotation page.
  • How to write a Quotation?

    Develop quotations professionally for all your offers. The text should be concise and to the point. Concise does not mean that essential content in the quotation is ignored. You can add a little more information which can help the buyer in decision making but don't overload him with excess information. Write a Quotation
  • Can I make any type of attachment in my Quotation?

    You can post your product Brochure, Catalogue, User Manual etc in any format (JPEG, PNG, PDF) which you desire you accompany your Quotation.
  • What is Company's Website?

    Your own Products Based Website to increase your business exposure and new opportunities. This website will increase your product's online exposure on the worldwide web.
  • How to know if Domain is functional?

    When you click on Manage Domain, You will receive Confirmation that your domain is functional and its URL would be displayed.
  • From where can I get website templates?

    In the Company Website Design Section Simply Click on Site Design, you will see a wide range of attractive templates to choose from, compatible with your industry and products. You can change your Templates anytime during your premium membership tenure.
  • Where to get company's banner from?

    Select Banner in Company Website, there are a wide range of banner to choose from. You can also upload your own customized banner and select multiple banners at the same time.
  • What is Meta Keywords?

    The Meta keywords tag allows you to provide additional text for crawler-based search engines.
  • What is TradeMate?

    TradeMate is a messenger to connect you to your customers. Whenever your website will be visited by anyone around the world our automated system will connect you with that visitor in seconds.
  • Can I Use TradeMate service for my website?

    Yes you can use TradeMate services for your Website.
  • Can TradeKey help me put this on my website?

    Yes TradeKey support is always there to help you.
  • What help TradeMate will provide?

    TradeMate will help you to convert maximum visitors of your website to your customers by providing them one to one information about your product.
  • How TradeMate works?

    Whenever your website will be visited by anyone around the world our automated chat system will appear, and then you can start conversation with your customer.
  • How to integrate with your website?

    To Integrate TradeMate With your website all you need is to copy and paste a script of TradeMate on your website source code, this task can be performed in seconds by your Webmaster.
  • Where the chat box will appear?

    The Chat box will appear on your Personal website on the bottom right side for visitor with your Name & Message
  • Will the messenger appear for each and every visitor?

    TradeMate enables you to get in connection instantly with visitor, who stays on your web page for 7 seconds.
  • What if I have more than one visitor at the same time?

    TradeMate allows you to communicate with multiple visitors same time.
  • Is TradeMate free for everyone?

    TradeMate is only free for Goldkey and Goldkey plus members.
  • How to discriminate whether the visitor is on our website or on our Tradekey's page?

    Buyer source is mentioned in visitor's notification on TradeMate. You can see if the buyer is coming from Tradekey, Mini Website (WebDHS) or Personal website.
  • Can Sub accounts use TradeMate?

    Yes Sub accounts can use TradeMate.
  • What system specifications are required to install TradeMate?

    Minimum System Requirement:
    • P4
    • 512 MB Ram
    • Windows Xp service pack 3

    Note: Current TradeMate is only available for Windows platform
  • Can we update TradeMate profile?

    Yes TradeMate profile can be changed, like you can change your profile name e.t.c

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