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Messages Page illustrates how to view, send and monitor your incoming and outgoing messages, and also how to extract buyer information from chat history.

  • How many types of messages can I receive in Tradekey Message Center?

    You will receive 3 types of messages in your Tradekey Message center
    • Inquiry
    • RFQ
    • V-card
    View Inbox
  • What is RFQ?

    When a buyer visits Tradekey.com and not able to find his desired product, Tradekey offers the buyer to post his product requirement as a Request for Quotation. After the submission of RFQ, our trade experts match the RFQ with our premium suppliers to provide them the refined form of the Buying Inquiry. To post detailed and accurate quotations for our suppliers Click Here
  • What is V-card?

    When buyer haven't perform any activity and not sent inquiry/posted any buy-offer within 3 days after signup, then automatically an inquiry is generated matching his buying requirements. That automatic inquiry is called V-card.
  • What is Inquiry?

    A general enquiring about the product's features and specification from the Exporters, traders, and Suppliers from all around the globe at Tradekey.com. View Inquiries
  • How to differentiate between RFQ, Vcard and inquiry in message center?

    You can bisect these messages by their subject lines, for example.
    • RFQ: Subject: [RFQ]
    • V-card: Subject: [Product name] buyer from [Country name]
    • Inquiry: Subject: Looking for, want to buy, need to buy, etc
  • What to do if I receive spam messages in message center?

    When you receive spam messages in your message center, simply rate them "SPAM" to help prevent from getting junk and spam messages in your message center.
  • Can I block Senders on message sender?

    Yes, you can block any unwanted messages from unknown senders by clicking "Block Sender" below the inquiry message
  • Can I view messages of message center on my personal email as well?

    Yes, you can view your messages center's messages on your personal email address. You can also reply either from your webmail or by clicking a "Reply" button below the message to reply from Tradekey message center
  • How to delete all messages in message center?

    Select all the messages from your message center by clicking "Select All" right beneath the end of the page and click "Delete" from the bottom left corner.
  • How can I view message I sent to buyer?

    You can view the messages you have sent to buyers in your "Sent Items".View Sent Items

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